How to Make Killer Instagram Videos and Attract Followers

Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users. It is a huge platform that offers amazing possibilities. Although it’s mainly focused on the pictures, the 4.1 update brought the ability for users to upload a video on Instagram. This article will be a mini-guide to help you conquer some of the methods for making killer Instagram videos. And to help you improve your editing skills. You can also do some searches on how to buy instagram followers if you want to get ig followers instantly.

Use your 15 seconds to tell a short, interesting story to your followers. That means thinking about every shot ahead of time and planning out the whole scene as much as possible. Sometimes these videos tend to be just random occurrences in your life. But, if you have the ability to plan the whole thing – use it. Planning out every angle and every shot tells your followers that you invested effort. People tend to appreciate the effort.

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Don’t hesitate to show your personality. A lot of people tend to follow because they like what they see, and they like the person behind it. Making great Instagram videos means devoting yourself entirely to the project. Try to vary the perspective of your shots as much as you can, unless you’re making a stop-motion video. Make the video more interesting by starting it with a wide shot. Then, get a close-up of the action and end it with a firm conclusion in the form of an effect. This kind of shooting leaves a good impression.

Be sure to capture the perfect audio. Bear in mind, a vast majority of Instagram users are using mobile devices. Because of the small speakers, they demand top-quality audio. Make sure you get close enough to the subject of your video to cap the perfect audio. Consider using a microphone is you’re planning the video ahead.

Hold the camera as steady as possible. Shaking your phone will significantly reduce the quality of your video. You can also try and set your phone on a stable surface such as a table or a chair. Put your phone against something like a tree to prevent shakiness in the video. Instagram is full of fast-paced shaky videos, and people tend to ignore such videos.

Invest time and effort in thumbnails. Thumbnails are crucial for attracting large amounts of people to watch your video. It is the first thing people see, and you have to leave a good impression. Make a thumbnail that will tease potential viewers. Be creative and let your imagination do the work. A quality thumbnail is 50% of the work. You could make the best video of the world, without a quality thumbnail people won’t click on your video.

Use the best possible equipment you can. The quality of the video is the most important element, and it depends on the quality of your equipment. You don’t have to use Instagram to shoot and edit your videos. You can use a regular camera, edit it down to 15 seconds, transfer it to your phone, and then upload it to Instagram. This way you can produce much better videos.

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