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Nowadays, it is not easy to manage money and the budget at home. Most of today’s Poles live on payday loan, be it from the first to the first, tightening the belt slightly. It is true that Polish society seems more and more rich every year, but it is difficult to talk about saving here. Meanwhile, on the Internet, as well as in various types of guidebook books, you can find many very valuable tips on how to save and how to manage your home finances properly.

Saving on food

Food is probably the biggest expense we have in the home budget. Because you have to eat after all, and why not afford something tasty and expensive. However, there are ways to save on food. First of all, it is recommended to go shopping with the list and not to buy products from outside, which are really only an unnecessary whim. You do not have to overpay for food – in some stores you will pay less for an identical product. In addition, it is good – for both the budget and health – to limit sweets and carbonated beverages. It is not enough that they are harmful in excess, they are usually expensive. It is also a good idea to have more frequent home cooking, not drinking coffee and eating Fast food in the city. In addition, making your own products and products, such as baking bread, is not enough that the activities that develop this and also give you the opportunity to save and eat healthy.

Saving on transport

In the field of transport, it can be saved and quite a lot. The calculation is also an obvious matter in this matter. Is it more profitable to drive your own car or is it cheaper to travel by bus? Or maybe we do not have such a distant and complicated way not to switch to a bicycle. It is worth thinking about becoming an honorary donor. After a few years, thanks to this you can ride for free by public transport! If, however, we want to move around by car at all costs, you can also make various savings here. Economical and legal driving saves about 30% of fuel expenses. In addition, if we want to go on holiday, it’s worth thinking about it even a year in advance. You can buy cheaper tickets and book a cheaper hotel. All this, of course, affects the saving of some amount, which we would spend very quickly forgetting about good organization.

Intelligent home budget management

Managing your home budget can take many different forms. If, for example, we are used to paying with a card and we see that too much, therefore, we spend it, it may be better to switch to paying in cash. It has its advantages, because it sees cash, it is issuing more conscious and more … painful.

A good and recommended way to save is the right budget layout. It is known that to save you should spend less than you earn. Therefore, you should carefully calculate your expenses. The best way to do this sort of statement is to create a special notebook – the amount you earn is deducted from the one you want to save. You can spend only as much money as it remains after deduction. It is good to divide the budget due to expenses – for example, fixed expenditures – and therefore fuel, payment for an apartment, food expenses, unforeseen expenses. Planning and regular control of your finances is the best step to becoming a rich person.

A great and highly recommended saving method, although it takes a bit of effort to set up a separate savings account, which will not have a debit card or access via the Internet. Every month, for such an additional account, you should regularly transfer a fixed amount, eg PLN 200, and not to withdraw money from this account for a certain period of time. This is a saving method called technical. Difficult access to the account can effectively discourage excessive spending. If this method also fails, we will continue to use a traditional money box, to which we systematically put some amount.

It is not necessary to give up the pleasure to save. It is important that pleasures are not a priority. You can look for cheaper substitutes, use the shopping of the so-called. second hand. If you love beer or wine, you can drink them once a week instead of every day. You can save literally on everything – less frequent TV viewing is saving on electricity, buying filters for water reduces our water bills, segregation of garbage affects smaller bills for this type of service. The small steps method is one of the best and tried-and-true ways to save really large amounts.

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