5 Healthy Snacks for Work

Are you tired of spending your money in your work’s candy machine? Do you need some healthy snack ideas for work? Here are 5 healthy snacks that you can easily take to work:

Unsalted Mixed Nuts. Nuts are always a good snack because they are healthy for you and low in carbohydrates. Many people make the mistake of just grabbing a bag or can of nuts at their local supermarket and pack it in their lunch. This is not the way to go because most of the pre-packed nuts have some type of oil, adding to the calories, and often making you hungrier. Even the dry roasted nuts drive you to want a sweet drink to wash them down, so why not make your own nut mix?

Nowadays, you can pick up fresh nuts at your local Wal-Mart’s produce section. Wal-Mart typically keeps Pecans, Walnuts, Cashews, and sometimes even Pistachios in their produce section. They package these themselves, and you will find that salt and oil are absent from these packages. So, buy several types of nuts that you like, and mix your own nuts. You can buy the snack-size baggies and decide how much to take to work. You can pre-bag an entire week’s worth of nut mix, and you will be ready to go each morning. Just grab a bag, throw it in your lunch, and run out the door.

Animal Crackers. These tasty little snacks are lower in calories than other treats because the makers of animal crackers make them with whole wheat flour. Animal crackers have a tinge of sweetness and will keep you satisfied throughout the afternoon. You can drink water with these, and the water actually helps bring out the taste. You won’t miss drinking a soft drink when you have this snack. Plus, animal crackers are cost effective. You can buy a big bag and measure out the servings you want and put them in a snack-size baggie for easy carrying. Be forewarned, though, animal crackers can be quite addicting.

Graham Crackers with Banana. Graham Crackers are also healthy because the makers make these with whole wheat flour. These crackers are quite a bit sweeter than animal crackers, though, so be careful with calorie intake. Still, Graham Crackers are a healthy treat. All you have to do is smash some fresh banana in between two Graham Crackers, and you will think that you’ve tasted nothing better. No need for a sweet soft drink, either. A big bottle of water to wash down this treat will suit you just fine.

Homemade Potato Slices. Potato chips are fun to crunch on, but they do little for filling you up. Potato chips actually make you hungrier, and they often call for a soft drink, only adding to the calories. Face it. The oil and salt doesn’t help either. If you like potatoes, though, you don’t have to give up potatoes as a snack just because you give up potato chips. Make your own potato slices to take to work with you. Just wash a potato well and cut the potato (leaving the peeling on) in thin ringed slices. Fry these until brown in some heart-healthy cooking oil, making sure that you salt and pepper for taste. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on them and take you a small dipping of your favorite Ranch Dressing to work with you. This will hold you over until supper time.

Broccoli and V-8. If you like vegetables and vegetable juice, then don’t forget the ever-popular V-8 drink. You can buy a six-pack of these for under $5, so pair up some fresh broccoli flowerets or some celery bites with this drink to stave off your afternoon hunger. You will boost your iron content and provide roughage to help wash out your body. Drink a big bottle of water afterwards, rather than during your snack. This will top off the flavor of the vegetables.

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