Healthcare on a Budget

If you are looking for healthcare on a budget, you basically have three choices. You can go to your doctor, you can go to a health clinic, or you can go to a doctor associated with the hospitals if they have discount programs.

If you choose to go to your doctor, while you are on a budget, be prepared to pay full price. Even though you have to pay full price, your doctor may accept payments. If your doctor accepts payments, the office staff will set a payment plan up with you.

Don’t fear, if things get worse for you financially, you can legally send the payment you can afford to pay instead of the amount that was agreed upon and still not get sent to collections and court. You should always consult a lawyer if you are worried about legal ramifications of your actions.

A health clinic is usually the best place to go for healthcare on a budget. The reason a health clinic is the best, is a health clinic operates off of state money, donations, and a sliding scale fee.

When you go to a health clinic, you will need to take financial information as well as proof of identification. You want to have social security cards, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, income and federal taxes for two years for everyone in your household. If you qualify, your doctor’s bill could be as low as $10. Some states may even have free doctor visits.

The doctors are first rate. The doctors truly care about the patients and will work with the patient. You would think going to a health clinic, you would get second rate care by second rate doctors. That’s not the case at all. In fact, I had better care at a health clinic than I have had at a doctor’s office.

If you don’t have health clinics in your county, you may want to call your hospital. Some hospitals have programs that are like health clinics. If you qualify you may be able to get free healthcare. You call the hospital and ask. If they have a program you will go to their financial office. Someone will take your financial information. You should bring birth certificates, income, taxes, and social security cards. You need to have something showing your correct address as well.

The financial office puts you in their computer and you can go to the doctors that are affiliated with the hospital. If the hospital has a gym or rehab facility, you are privy to that for free as well. Whatever type doctors are affiliated with the hospital, they will be free to you. You have to ask the financial office representative to give you the names of the doctors. Sometimes you can get glasses or hearing aids. You may even be able to find a dentist through the hospital.

The hospital program is available because of donations, and a sliding fee scale as well as doctors working with the hospital for a set rate. This helps the doctors as well as the hospital. It benefits you as well to be able to have healthcare on a budget.

If you are on a budget, healthcare may be the least of your worries. However, healthcare is important, especially if you are cutting corners to save money which causes stress and less sleep. Your body is more susceptible to disease when you are stressed and not getting adequate rest. If you are in this position you are more likely to get sick and need healthcare. Without insurance, you can still go to doctors, or clinics. Your health is your most important asset.

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