A loan for older people (old age and disability pensioners)

Contrary to appearances, pensioners and pensioners are very good clients for payday loan companies and banks – they have regular and regular income. However, we must remember that not everywhere an older person will be able to receive money. Where can you get such a payday loan?

Not every senior has adequate savings and receipts to cover all expenses appearing monthly in his budget. Often the problem is to pay for these unexpected costs that can happen, such as a broken fridge, a larger bill for drugs at the pharmacy. In this situation, you can apply for a payday loan. However, before a retiree or pensioner submits an application for it, they should remember some key matters.

What payday loan can pensioners count on?

The pensioners are mainly directed to cash payday loans, i.e. those that we can use for any purpose. In addition, older people can take out a mortgage, that is, pledge property when they are the owner. There are also quick non-bank payday payday loans that we pay back in a month.

The amount of the payday loan for the elderly depends primarily on her creditworthiness. This is calculated on the basis of earned income, in this case the amount of the pension or pension. Depending on the receipts, it can be from several hundred to even tens of thousands of zlotys.

The important age of an older person

When borrowing payday loans by the elderly, however, it is not only creditworthiness, but also age. Banks and payday loan companies operating non-banking have their own requirements as to the age of customers. It is often limited to a specific number of years, e.g. 75 years.

In addition, age affects the possible debt repayment period – the older the borrower is, the lending period may be shorter. This will in turn translate into a higher installment. If a senior does not have sufficient creditworthiness to pay high installments, he will have to take a lower payday loan.

What formalities must be met to get a payday loan?

As mentioned earlier, the lenders require from seniors the appropriate age and creditworthiness, which is influenced by the amount and regularity of income. Credit history is also important, which is recorded in BIK databases. People who pay their debts on time will not have any difficulties obtaining a payday loan . In turn, those that have unpaid debts may be refused.

Depending on the offer, a payday loan for the elderly may require the submission of relevant evidence confirming the income obtained. In the case of pensioners, it is usually the last episode of a pension or a pension, a decision on granting a benefit or a bank account statement. Sometimes it is also necessary to present a certificate issued by ZUS or KRUS.

It is also worth pointing out that a payday loan for a pensioner can also be obtained via the internet. Then the senior does not have to go to a bank outlet or a payday loan company to arrange the formalities in person. Alone or with the help of relatives can get a payday loan without leaving home.

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