Regular customers have easier – they will launch a new payday loan right away

Regular customers have easier – they will launch a new payday loan right away

This innovative facility has been specially introduced for our regular customers and clients. At Bank, we know how important quick access to cash is . Therefore, we have made every effort to obtain a payday loan for any purpose, it was even simpler. How to sign an on-line contract with just one click?

If you are our regular customer or client, start by submitting a simple payday loan application. We will inform you by SMS and email with a positive decision, and sign the payday loan agreement in one of the preferred ways:

  1. After logging into your Profile on the website or
  2. By clicking on the link sent by email along with the information about the payday loan

How to sign an on-line contract through a client profile?

If you choose to sign the Agreement after logging into your Profile, you will be given the option to start the payday loan by clicking on the “Sign Contract” field. Then, we immediately execute the payment of the payday loan , in accordance with the withdrawal method chosen by you: a standard transfer.

Signing the agreement by SMS code – an alternative to the one-click signature option

Bank payday loan agreement can also be signed via a code from an SMS message sent to the mobile phone number provided in the application. This option is also available only to regular customers and clients who have at least one Bank payday loan repaid on their account.

To use it, just click on the link sent by email along with the positive decision to grant the payday loan. There will then be a redirection to the Client’s profile, where in the empty field, enter the code from the SMS, and then click the “Sign the contract” button.

After entering the correct SMS code, the payday loan is launched and the funds withdrawn. In comparison with the online signing method with one click, in this case the use of a mobile phone is required.

The advantages of signing the contract on-line by one click or SMS code:

  • Save time and convenience – just one mouse click
  • maximum security – Bank is properly protected and the transactions are completely secure
  • fast withdrawal of money – transfer of funds takes place immediately after confirmation by clicking or entering a code from an SMS

How do I sign an on-line contract if I am a new client?

Similarly, however, one additional step is required, i.e. identity verification. Anyone who is applying for a payday loan at Bank passes it for the first time. We are a responsible lender, so we have to make sure that such a person really exists and nobody impersonates her. For this purpose, please verify your identity by transferring PLN 1 through Blue Media, which is synonymous with signing the contract. The contract can also be signed in the presence of a courier who will bring the contract and ask for a proof of identity.

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