Team Sports Are Good For Children Transitioning into Kindergarten

Getting your pre- K child involved in a team sport the summer before starting school, can really help with the transition between home and school.

Interacting with the other children and listening to the coach prepares them for the day to day experiences they will face in Kindergarten.

This is especially true for the child who has not gone to daycare or preschool prior to starting school.

Most team sports have a set schedule for games and practices.

This helps familiarize your child with a schedule and being responsible for their time.

Also being instructed by a coach, listening and following directions prepares them for the instruction they will receive from their teachers and other school administrators.

Finally, one of the best benefits to having your child involved in a team sport is the friendships him or her will make.

Most teams at this age are co-ed teams this helps break down 'The cootie barrier' that almost always exsist between boys and girls in Kindergarten. Try to enroll your child in a local sports team through the Y.M.C.A., local church or school organization one that is close to the school they will be attending.

More than likely, when Kindergarten does start, they will already know some of there fellow students from the team they played on over the summer.

Seeing some familar faces is sure to ease some of the first day jitters.

Kindergarten is always an adjustment for any child, but the skills learned during a summer of fun on the sports field are sure to carry on into thes chool year ahead.

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