Best Competitive Sports for Obese Children

There exist sports that obese kids can excel in, and I’m not just talking bowling and golf. I’m a certified personal trainer and though I work with primarily adults, I am an extreme proponent of sports participation for all kids, including obese. Yes, obese children can excel in a number of sports.

I used to compete in martial arts tournaments. Being fat is no impediment to the success of overweight boys and girls at martial arts tournaments. I’d often see heavy kids taking home trophies. Obese children can be just as flexible as thin kids. I’ve seen fat kids easily drop into the splits or throw impressively high karate kicks.

Because “point fighting” in martial arts tournaments is not entirely based on endurance (though there are times when stamina pays off), obese children can excel in this discipline.

The only time when stamina becomes a factor is when both participants are very good at what they do, and are equal in ability, and thus, it may be several minutes before someone scores a point.

But usually, in youth point fighting, not much time passes before someone scores, and thus, the youngster with the most wind doesn’t always win. Usually, winning is based on who’s the first to score three points; the match can be over in under 30 seconds.

Some martial arts tournaments run the match for two minutes, the winner being who scores the most points. But even a poorly conditioned thin child can get very winded.

Do not let the name “point fighting” scare you into thinking this is a brawl. Point fighting is literally a game of tag within a very confined space.

Another aspect of martial arts tournaments is forms competition; obese kids can excel here, though usually, thinner participants are the best performers. Variables include experience and type of form. Sometimes, judges award high scores to the loudest kid, not necessarily the quickest.

Martial arts tournaments may also have board breaking contests. Need I say more? Fat kids can also excel in judo and jiu-jitsu.

Obese children are on an even playing field when it comes to bowling, archery and equestrian sports. Older heavy children can investigate discus, shot-put and javelin aspects of track and field competition. It’d be a lie to say that overweight children can’t develop skills in basketball, volleyball and of course, golf.

Older obese kids can try out rowing, baseball, softball, wrestling and football. Encourage your overweight child to get involved in swimming, dancing and even gymnastics. If your overweight boy or girl wants to take up jogging, cycling or tennis, by all means, support them. Never say, “You’re too big for that.” Never.

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